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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Next to Fall CP-FB

As if the Selkirk Branch hadn't been hit hard enough.  This short section of double track main line built by the New York Central as part of their Albany improvement project in the 1920's played host to a fine collection of NYC and Conrail era small target GRA model SA searchlight signals.  Unfortunately since 2004 the short CSX owned line has lost almost all of this heritage due to "capacity expansion" projects that saw the searchlights removed between the distant of CP-SH and the distant to CP-FB inclusive.  This included the old CP-VO which saw its diamond removed around 2000, but hung in there with a set of hand throw crossovers only to be later converted into a power crossover around 2007.

Anyway, despite all this the western throat to Selkirk Yard soldiered on with NYC era searchlights at CP-FB.  Unfortunately I discovered in my daily rounds that these too will soon be falling and worse still CSX will be importing its bullshit Seaboard lunar white Restricting aspect instead of using bottom yellow as is proper in the NORAC zone.  What's next, R/Y for Medium Approach?  Let's hope that CSX can keep its mits off CP-RJ and the classic NYC cantilever distant to CP-169

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