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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Looks Like Someone Retired on the Old D&H

 Until now the former D&H division of Canadian Pacific that runs from Montreal to Scranton clearly had a few old hands buzzing about in the signal department as whenever it became necessary to replace aging searchlight block signals with something more modern, the go to signal was not one of those horrible Darth Vaders, but solid state Unilens style searchlights. The same went for interlockings with modern searchlights mounted on modern gantries. Well whomever that was appeared to have retired because on the latest re-signaling project going on at Ford Edward, NY those standard of standard Vadars were replacing the last bit of D&H charm.  Even worse they weren't even sticking to the D&H practice of using three heads on all absolute signals. 

Boo you CP, way to ruin another railroad.

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