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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canadian Pacific Mystery Searchlights

A year ago I posted about the new searchlight signals being installed by the Canadian Pacific at their rebuilt Mechanicsville Yard.While the CP ultimately became rather inconsistent about its new searchlight policy it seems that there is a bit of a wrinkle to the plot.  I recent came across some photos about a new, new searchlight installation in Canada, this time with some closeups of the searchlights themselves and it confirmed something I had suspected for some time.  CP is not installing either recycled "classic' style searchlights or their modern replacement Unilens or tri-LED type searchlights.  Instead what is going in is something that looks like a classic searchlight, but has a much larger housing and the light output of an LED signal.  You can see here in this photo of the most recent instalation being put into service.

Compare them to the classic US&S H-2 units they are replacing.

I will look into this.  It would be great if modern solid state searchlight signals could finally take off and provide some much needed competition for those god damn Darth Vader signals.


  1. Well, did you ever get more "insight" on these "new generation" searchlight signals???

    1. Yes, right here.