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Friday, November 9, 2012

NS Wasting Money Again

There are many reasons to replace signal equipment.  They can use complex or conflicting aspect systems like position lights or those wacky C&O signals.  They can have failing structural elements.  They could have insufficient protections for maintainers.  These are all valid reasons to go out and replace the signal equipment with one of those aluminum Darth Vaders, but when we see with this example on the former Conrail Southern Tier Line that some railroads just don't care about money or care about whatever consultants are planning their signal upgrades.

Here at CP-ATTICA the old color light masts are being replaced by new color light masts.  Same aspects, same aluminum masts, same caged maintainer ladder.  The only difference is that one ones are Conrail era target signals and the new the dreaded Darth Vaders.  How deep does a recession have to be before a company stops doing this kind of thing?


  1. I saw something similar a few years ago outside Kansas City. It ended up that BNSF was replacing the logic in the bungalow, and it was more effective and efficient to recable the control point and install new signals, then it would have been to re-use and rewire the existing signals (They already had their hands full with connecting the switch motors to the new cables during a very short cutover window).

    1. Until recently many railroads, like Conrail, often preferred to re-use the existing infrastructure and some, like Amtrak, still do in many situations. Also, the Southern Tier isn't the busiest of lines. I'd still like to see the accounting. There has got to be a lot of cost involved with installing and cabling new masts.