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Monday, January 21, 2013

B&O CPLs: Gotta Catch 'Em All

This past year saw the destruction of my beloved Huntington Ave interlocking by CSX C&S forces as they needlessly re-signaled a 261/CTC line without pole lines just to spite the memory of the B&O in its home city.  However I was provided with over 6 months of lead time to get out and get all the photos and videos and since I needed to make a proper tribute to the signals that have given me so many years of enjoyment. I felt it fitting to show off the eastbound CPL dwarf's full range of emotion.

Rule 291: Stop

Rule 290: Restricted Proceed

Rule 286: Medium Approach

Rule 285: Approach

Rule 283-A: Medium Approach Medium

Rule 282: Approach Medium

Rule 281: Clear

The most difficult indication to capture was naturally Medium Approach Medium which I only managed to snag with a cell phone camera a week before the signal was retired.  Farewell old chum, your approach lit light show never failed to brighten my day.

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