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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Signaling News Roundup

Time for another post grouping all of the recent signaling news.  As always CSX is re-signaling something and this season their cancer has spread to the Philly Sub with new signaling going in between ROSSVILLE and the Van Beibber siding.  Automatics appear to be included as well including the late model pair between ROSSVILLE and BAY VIEW.  This is a bit sad as ROSSVILLE was re-signaled about 10 years ago and the autos were converted to modern audio-frequency circuits about the same time.  The Van Bibber siding is still relay equipment so I guess its not surprising.

Staying with CSX new signals are up on the former C&O main line at Fostoria which had remained a breath of fresh air ever since the B&O main line re-signaling in the late 1990's.  However it seems that the reprieve is up, even for the C&O aspect Darth Vaders.

 Its a CSX Hat Trick as I learned that the new signals on the C&O Main Line between MX Cabin (Hinton yard) and Alderston were just cut over so there is increasingly less reasons to take the Cardinal to and from Chicago.

 Moving down south we find a major re-signaling project in the Birmingham area as the 32nd St interlocking complex is going under the knife from NS.  In this case the signaling itself may be getting more interesting as the original Southern plant was rather minimalist, but the new Darth Vader heads are just as bland even if they are displaying new aspects.  Also going are R/ / Y restricting indications which are somewhat special.  If you life down there use the convenient grade crossing to get some closeup pics.  This follows the re-signaling of the re-signaling of the large 3x2 diamond crossing at 14th St.

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