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Monday, January 20, 2014

Call it the "Ohio CPL" and Petone Update

I believe I have mentioned this before but CSX is taking the "Baltimore" out of B&O CPL in its latest re-signaling project that will remove the last CPL signals from Baltimore City.  These are located in the Bailey's Wye area and comprise CAMDEN, HB TOWER, BAILEY and LEADENTHALL ST interlockings.  BAILEY is notable for its 3-track B&O CPL signal bridge and all of them were upgraded in the early 1990's in conjunction with the Camden Yards Sports Complex project. What a waste both in terms of hardware and cultural heritage.

Yes, that signal on the left is displaying Medium Approach Slow.

The cutover is scheduled for President's Weekend so if you haven't gotten your photos already this is your last chance.

In other news BNSF dumping all the classic Northern Pacific searchlight signaling on the Cascades route between Seattle and Portland.  This includes the popular cantilever masts in the Vancouver, WA area.  Get your photos quickly.  The Coast Starlight is probably the best option.

Finally, a friend of the blog in New Zealand went out and took some photos of the now closed Petone signalbox before it closed its doors for good.  I have thus updated my short post about Petone with her work so thanks so much Sophisa.

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