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Monday, February 10, 2014

What's Old is Old Again

Yup, its time for another news post and this time I will be showing some examples of old things that are being discarded and old things that are being kept around.  In what is probably a first CSX is getting a pass from the news as for once i don't have any new examples of their bull headed signal desecration.  Anyway we begin with the former N&W NS Columbus District where the southern end of a Rule 251 segment at Portsmouth, Ohio is being sterilized with CTC and Darth Vaders.

Here we see NS wasting an absolute tank of a cantilever gantry being squandered by NS at SPELL interlocking in the Chattanooga area.  Come on, that wouldn't rust away in a century of Sundays.

More updates from the slow motion re-signaling project in the Birmingham 17th St Junction area.  Looks like this one isn't just about the signals, but also involves new switches and track layouts.

Now onto the news of old signals being left in place.  A lot of people have pointed out that the famous "Vickers" Interlocking east of Toledo, OH is on track to be re-signaled.  Now that part is true with the signals on the crossing CSX line and the eastbound NS signals being replaced due to a siding capacity increasing mod, but the most important and most famous part of Vickers, the three track westbound NYC signal bridge, appears to be safe for now.  Here is the view along the CSX line.

And the classic NYC signal bridge.  The eastbound signals and replacements are visible in the background.  The replacements are going up because of new intermediate signals being installed on what used to be a one block (or no block) siding.

Here is an odd signaling arrangement at a CSX interlocking in Georgia.  Far signals are original SCL elephant ears. Close signals are a standard Darth Vadar and a non-Darth LED traffic light.  Could this be a portent of the future?

While CSX is ripping and tearing all sorts of stuff on the former Chicago Line here is a 3x3 NYC signal bridge in Syracuse with small target searchlights in one direction and large target Unilens searchlights in the other.  Not sure what caused that, but I'll take it.

Why are searchlights back to back on a PRR centenary pole?  Because they are hump yard signals at Pavonia Yard in Camden.  Unfortunately the hump yard was removed, but the signals remain.

I'll finish up with this pic of a modern style elephant ear cantilever mast on a CSX Line near Kennesaw, Georgia.  Not sure of its fate, but again, why is CSX axing down perfectly good hardware?

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