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Sunday, August 31, 2014

News from Coast to Coast

Well I have just completed two Amtrak trips on both coasts and I have a few news items from both as well as the standard fare I have gleaned from various photos and whatnot.  Most of the big news seems to be coming from NS which is busy re-signaling its former Nickle Plate main out in Ohio.  Ugh, those combo-boxes just ooze cheapness.

It's worth noting that at interlockings the signals will be seeing a few additional lamps including a Restricting indication and a Red light on each head.

On the Southern main line NS has deposited new signaling equipment all the way up into VA indicating that no part of the line will be spared :-(, even where one Safetran clamshell will replace another.  Eliminating the right hand requirement was probably one of the worse FRA rule changes that could have happened to signals.

More Chicago Line re-signaling as seen here at CP 307.  Again, at least NS takes Restricting seriously.

On the N&W H Line in Virginia NS is extending the southern end of the siding between Shenandoah Jct and Daniels by constructing a "new" Daniels interlocking.  I think the old one already used color light signals however.

On to CSX the former C&O main re-signaling project is progressing.  Here is the new signal gantry in service at Kenova.

New signals going up on the SCL line near Savanna.

Not even the signals facing shortlines are safe as can be seen on the I&O crossing at Leipsic, OH. 

  And the TPW crossing in Reynolds, IN.

Over on the East Coast the new color light signals in the F Interlocking complex near Sunnyside Yard have been completely cut over, ruining one of the better concentrations of all amber PL signaling.  The nearby HAROLD interlocking is likely to be next.  This is all due to the East Side Access project, which is wasting billions of dollars so that LIRR riders don't have to walk a few blocks after arriving at Penn Station. 

Finally on the BNSF Coast Starlight Route the remaining bits of classic signaling between Tacoma and Portland are slated for removal, while on the UP side of things nearly all the SP and NP searchlights have already been removed.  The exception are a number of searchlit interlockings on the mountain pass between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo and any former SP style color light signals that were already in place.  All these appear to be safe for some time as the PTC antennas are in place.  Likewise a few searchlight interlockings north of Salinis similarly appear to be safe.  The long segments of TWC-ABS operation on the Coast and Santa Barbara Subs have also been left alone, although all signaling is now LED Darth Vaders.  If you like manual passing maneuvers and TWC action on your scanner I guess that is still a step above full on CTC.  The latter part can be viewed via a day trip on Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner to San Luis Obispo.

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