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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Garden Variety Bad News

Very rare to see any good signaling news these days, but nothing really stands out as particularly bad.  We begin with a few bits left over from past news segments.  To begin with CSX has completed the re-signaling of the entire C&O Peninsula Sub as seen by this new Darth Vader cantilever mast at Hampton Roads.  Lovely how they spend the $ on a new cantilever for what could have been handled by a single two lamp dwarf signal.

NS has also completed the re-signaling at the famous WORTHINGTON interlocking on its Columbus District.  While the loss of both PRR and N&W position lights was tragic, the pneumatic movable point diamonds were the real gems. :-(

While partly ruined way back in 2012 when the Buckingham Branch installed its cheapo signals on the Washington Sub, the C&O signal gantry at ORANGE interlocking is finally facing the axe as NS's Southern Main Line re-signaling protect takes effect in Virginia. Looks like the signal will retain the C&O signal rules.

Way out in KSC territory, those Broken Rail Detector signals I profiled a few months ago have been decommissioned in favor of full on CTC.  Not often Darth Vader signals are an improvement over something.

Finally in another "push" UP is filling in the stretch of TWC on the Brownsville Sub north of Sinton, TX.  I guess even new signals are better than no signals.

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