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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lotsa News

With all the recent tower closings I have fallen way behind on more mundane forms of news.  Most of these are in the form of general re-signaling updates, but there may be a few surprises. 

We begin with some disastrous news from the Michigan Line.  This line had recently been effectivly leased to the State of Michigan in support of Amtrak's Wolverine service.  While the part of the line west of Kalamazoo has seen a good deal of new signaling in relation to the 110mph upgrade, the east part of the line had seen decades of non-investment.  Usually state control is a good thing as States don't like to spend money, but here we see a double blow with small target Michigan Central searchlights (on their home turf no less) being replaced not with round Amtrak signals, but budget Darth Vaders. :-(

More evidence of CSX re-signaling on the old L&N in Nashville.

 CSX has also been resignaling the former Conrail Indianapolis Line.  Here the 1990's Conrail NR's are falling to Darth Vaders where it crosses the IC main in Effingham. 

While the former N&W main line in West Virginia is still not seeing any wide-scale re-signaling, isolated signal locations are falling such as these double N&W CPL brackets near Ingleside.

The NS re-signaling project on the Southern Main Line has finally reached MIDLAND interlocking Gainesville, GA.  Good thing I got out there for photos last October.

Hard to tell what exactly is going on at this SCL control point in Georgia.  Could be the one dwarf signal is getting replaced by a mast.  Could be a full on re-signaling.  Smart money is on the latter.

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  1. The NS resignaling has reached Atlanta. At 7:51AM EDT 4/13/2015, an NS crew was gathered just south of FOREMOST (MP 630.9) and as of 4:56PM EDT 4/13/2015, the old Southern signals had fallen, and FOREMOST was being guarded by the newest set of signals (Dumbo-Vaders?) like the ones you show there at MIDLAND and that already exist at ARMOUR.