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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

News Far and Wide

Somehow I haven't really done a news post in a little while so here you all go.  We'll start with NS on its former N&W territory now seeing increased signal replacements on the Pulaski and Christiansburg districts.  A lot of this is quite sad seeing as how many of these signaling locations had the logic replaced not long ago.

North of the border, Darth Vader signals continue to close in on the Toronto Union Station complex.

Out in Chicago Line the modern searchlights on the C&M don't look very safe as more and more signal masts sprout up.

Seems like everybody has some bad news to report this week.  Here we see CSX replacing some of the swindling number of SCL elephant ear color lights in the downtown Atlanta Area.

I do have a bit of good news.  If you are worried about the future of searchlight signals you will continue to find them, in LED form, in parts of Australia.  They even kept the large backing target!

Finally in a bit of a lost connection I belatedly realized that I passed by the last remaining Wig Wag signal on the BNSF system during my Southwest Chief trip back in 2013.  It is located at MP 591 and protects the crossing of the Santa Fe foot trail.  Because it is so unobtrusive I went right past them without getting a shot off.

Oooo, so close.

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