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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Autumn News Highlites

Time for another update on the places you need to go out and get your signal photos now.  First up is Birmingham, AL, and I don't mean all the work NS has been carrying out.  When it comes to signaling sterilization CSX is never out of the picture and it looks like it feel the need to catch up in that particiular region.  The Darths are out in force at the 27th St interlocking.

Over in Atlanta, NS appears to be re-signaling the East Point interlocking, but there is some hope that the far signal bridge might retain it's 1980's Southern style signals (yeah right).

The slow re-signaling of the Chicago Line continues at CP-268.

Further west I received reports of wide scale re signaling between HICK and Porter (CP-483).  While this was expected as part of a capacity building project (and the reason that section of MC searchlights held on for so long) what caught me off guard was that CP-502 was also being caught up in the project.  Previously part of HICK tower's zone of the control, CP-502 is known for the single IHB track crossing 3 NS tracks at grade.

Anyway, I had assumed that if CP-502 was to be re-signaled it would be in a similar manner to HICK where the old Penn Central signal bridge was retained with new signals thanks to its robust design. 

Well if the report is correct the old signal bridges will be replaced.  Your Federal infrastructure dollars at work. :-(

Sticking with NS the removal of N&W PL's is continuing in VA and WV.  One possible silver lining is the mothballing of the old CSX Clinchfield route which may preserve any remaining classic signaling on the line.

Over in Arkansas I don't like the look of that new signal mast hanging out near some MoPac style tri-light dwarf signals.  Not exactly sure what is going on there, but it's worth a signaling alert for sure.

Well I think that's just about everything I have for now.  Have a happy Halloween and get out there and take some photos while the fall color is at its peak.

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