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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Curtain Closes on the B&O

Before I get to the rest of the news it is my sad duty to report that the last B&O CPLs on the Capitol Limited route at MEXICO and WEST HUMP in Cumberland, MD have fallen to the Darth Vader plague.  Fortunately there was are no shortage of photos.  Where will the railfan go?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In other news the former PRR signal bridge at the SA drawbridge has also been taken out of service.

I also noticed that the low cost "virtual head" signals on the old MILW main are also getting replaced with standard Darths.  Again, aren't companies supposed to save money?  Not sure how I personally feel since those virtual head signals aren't much to look at, but I guess they are different.

Speaking of different, I caught this photo showing either CN or CP installing LED searchlights to replace traditional searchlights in the Toronto area.  I wish this would take off because these are the sorts of signals railroads should be embracing.

Enough with the good news, I also learned that the former Conrail signals on the Trenton Line between TRENT and Bound Brook are getting replaced.  I have to assume CP-WING is in the crosshairs as well.  Looks like it might be time for a road trip.

The searchlight sub-species of C&O signal in Michigan are also nearing their end as seen hear in Romulus.  Really...the Seaboard System has absolutely no business being in Michigan.

Although its not like being in Florida makes and difference. These classic Seaboard elephant eats with (P) boards are also slated for the bin.

Well that's it for this month.  At least I was able to snap the streak of news posts without at least one line item of positive news!

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