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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Grinch Steals More Signals

I first want to let everyone know that I now have confirmation that the NS PRR Main Line re-signaling program is not pausing at Lewistown, but has now reached as far west as Huntington.  I hope to be able to get out there, but I am as of yet unaware of their timeline.  Let's prey for a harsh winter as it would go far in slowing things down. 

 I can also report massive on Chicago Line re-signaling efforts are pretty much sweeping up everything between South Bend and Chicago including the former BEND interlocking itself, which itself was re-signaled back in the mid 90's to replace the old BEND tower. Multiple new interlockings are in service along with a lot of layout changes (including segments of third track).  The former PC-style I-beam gantries at CP-501 and CP-502 have been replaced and older NYC era gantries will soon follow.

 However the late model NYC cantilever just east of South Bend did not yet appear to be marked to replacement.

File photo
 There is also evidence that some of the PRR PL's on the NS Marion Branch are also going to survive a bit longer.

 On CSX some ominous signs are appearing around Akron, the last bastion of CPLs on the old B&O Main Line.

 CSX resignaling is now invading the Atlanta area on both their searchlight and elephant ear territory. 

While on the former SCL route to Alabama, the re-signaling has reached the GA/AL state line.

For another piece of good news, here is a fine example of the robustness (wind resistance?) of newer style Darth Vader signals that replaced the lower profile MC style searchlights on the former NYC Main Line.

In hindsight, 2016 was a pretty rotten year with a number of tower closures and major re-signaling projects, but compared to other events and past years, it was kind of tame (and I was able to get out and document more stuff compared to 2015). 

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  1. Those new signals on CSX's ex-Georgia road have been in service since October 2014. The resignaling only covers the Atlanta Terminal Sub portion out to MP YYG-149, south of there the Georgia Subdivision has its old mix of elephant ears and Darth Vaders still hanging around, but for how long remains to be seen. The Georgia Sub has been dropped to little more than a 25mph branchline, very few through trains left (only one regular I believe).