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Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year's News

Things have been pretty quiet as of late, but I did manage to tease out a few news items of note over the holiday season. 

Starting off with Amtrak, it appears that the new CP-143 at Albany-Rensselaer had been  cut over with LED searchlights replacing the classic ones and new double slip switches reducing the bottlenecks that would frequently occur when Empire trains mixed it up with late running long distance trains requiring a power change.  With the new second track nearing completion between Albany and Schenectady, my trip to the area in February will hopefully not be too late.

Is a shocking turn of events, NS has stepped up its assault on the former N&W H-Line in Virginia with new signals appearing at the famous Shepherdstown, WV location as well as others.  This is truly disappointing because the line was last re-signaled ~2000 with new logic cut into the old signal hardware, as was the style at the time.  This is definitely a must visit for anyone in the area.

New signaling continues to appear in the Akron area as the last CPLs on the old B&O Main Line brave the assault.

In political news, it will be interesting to see if the PTC horseshit is rolled back under the Trump administration.  That is the exact type of costly, useless regulation that should be targeted for elimination, but it is so far off anyone's radar that it is unlikely that anything will be done, especially due to the bizzare support it has in congress.  My theory is that the mandate is simply a ploy by the truck lobby to hobble rail transportation.

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