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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


So I have a brief news update here.  While riding the 2016 Amtrak Autumn Express I noticed that NS had advanced their Reading Line re-signaling effort to CP-ALBURTIS from the west.  It seemed that they would go and cut in the first half of the signaling and then work from CP-ALBURTIS to CP-BURN for the next season.  Well it not appears that they are going to do the whole conversion in one extended go as new signals have now appeared at CP-BURN.  Guess I'll have to schedule another field trip :-(

I am currently processing the photos from this trip and you can find the Lehigh Line portion here:  It's a real mixed bag od NS, Conrail and even a few surviving LVRR signals.

05/20/2017 UPDATE: I returned to the Allentown area to find that the re-signaling project has caught up CP-ALLEN and CP-HAM on the Lehigh Line. CP-JU and CP-CANAL so far appear to be unaffected.

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