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Friday, June 30, 2017

PRR Main Line Trip Report Supplemental

Well I had my plans worked out I would have been sitting on a full set of PRR Main Line signal photos taken from an eastbound run of the Pennsylvanian.  Unfortunately, due to a joy ride by a private car I was left with a bunch of side window shots and some news, so I might as well share the news.

First off, the re-signaling project has climbed the east slope and is knocking at the doors of CP-AR/CP-UN with new cantilever signal hardware delivered to CP-MG.  Not sure what NS is up to as I had figured they would have cut the new in the new signaling in stages, but for all I know they might try to get the whole thing cut over in one go. 

In a severe bit of irony, CP-ANTIS is being re-re-signaled with new cantilevers and dwarf signals supporting the Rule 562 'C' lamps.  New signals are up for both directions, which implies the auto on track 2 at CP-HOMER is on its way out.  I did not see such new signals at CP-ALTOONA, but they may not have been visible from my point of view.

CP-ROCKVILLE and the eastbound signal at CP-MARY did not have 'C' boards attached, so the segments with non-cab signaled Buffalo Line traffic will also not be getting Rule 562 installed.

While it's not the name brand PRR Main Line, the new Rule 562 segment on the Main Line, Philadelphia to Washington, so far only has 'C' boards southbound at BACON and northbound at PRINCE.  This will only means the demise of a couple of intermediate signals and is possibly a capacity expansion project on the double track segment that also sees a lot of slow freight traffic.

Well sorry for the short post, I've been real busy in the field gathering information and content.  See ya next time!

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