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Monday, November 27, 2017

Lower Port Road Re-Signaling

Starting in 2009, NS began to re-signal the western (northern) Port Road.  This started with the former COLA tower CTC area and proceeded south to CP-MIDWAY and then north to Enola Yard with Rule 562 going in to replace the ABS 251 between SHOCKS and STELL.  However for some reason instead of applying the same treatment to the line segment between CP-MIDWAY and the Amtrak junction at PERRY, they actually refurbished the existing PRR signals, giving them a fresh coat of paint and replacing the pole lines and power supplies. 

Well it appears that the reprieve is over as new signals have been spotted at CP-TOME in Port Deposit as well as the former MINNICK interlocking, not reduced to an automatic signal location.  Regulatory filing had indicated that NS was going to convert the entire Port Road to Rule 562, but it appears that the Minnick automatic will be retained to give trains approaching Amtrak territory at PERRY if they have a signal pulled up or if they should coast along at a walking pace.

I should also note that CP-TOME, CP-QUARRY, the former CP-MINNICK and Amtrak PERRY interlockings were all back to back, so in theory Rule 261 could be run from from CP-TOME eastward without needing any additional expense.  I guess we'll see what happens.

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