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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Historic PT&T (New York Penn and Sunnyside Yard) Video Tours

I recently stumbled upon a YouTube channel run by an old Amtrak conductor who posted a number of video narrations of various parts of the Pennsylvania Tunnel and Terminal Railroad (Penn Station, Sunnyside Yard, etc) including the towers and signaling.  The videos were shot prior to the mid-90's when the old towers and old signaling were still in place.

Here in this discussion of the Penn Station track layout, one can see some interrior footage of A Tower starting around 4:30

This video show Sunnyside Yard has some footage around Q tower a little past 3:30.

Here is another Sunnyside video with some Q tower content right up front and some R tower inside footage after 8:00

These are the ones with the most tower content, but her has a bunch of other tour videos that are still very interesting.  Check them out!!!

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