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Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding a Blue Lining

We all know the railroads have been in overdrive lately resignaling even perfectly functional interlockings on non-pole line CTC routes.  Well I have managed to find one small silver, or should I say blue lining to all of this.  Recently NS re-signaled three interlockings on the western end of the Conemaugh Line near Pittsburgh.  CP-HERR, CP-ENTA and CP-SHARP were all Penn Central era interlockings with mostly solid steel signal gantries and cantilevers, position lights and pneumatic point machines.  Well NS removed the whole lot as they reconfigured Enta Yard.  However at both rebuilt interlockings NS bothered to install brand new Conrail blue location signs on the relay huts.  I guess its a nice thought, but I would have preferred they leave the interlocking appliances alone to begin with.

Here we see the original relay hut with the new cantilever mast.

And the new relay hut with the new sign.

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