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Friday, March 30, 2012

ALTO Update: Distant Down

Well ALTO tower may have a month or two left, but its eastbound distant signal, the PRR PL gantry at MP 238.4 has been replaced by the 3-track cantilever mast that's been stalking it since last August.  I'm not sure how they are handling this as the old distant supported slow speed indications at SLOPE (most likely Slow Approach for the short block between there and ALTO), but the new cantilever only provides two headed Darth Vader hoods on their lower heads.  I suspect they were changed to straight Approach to the Slow Approach indication at SLOPE.

Anyway here's a pic of the last train passing under the signal.

And the new signal...completely generic and sterile.  If NS can spent the money on heritage paint schemes, why not heritage signaling at important railfan locations. 

Fortunately I got out to take some high-res pics of the old signal.  Bad news it was in the rain and I was planning to get back there in a week or two.  Oh well, reduces the number of sites I need to hit.

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