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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time Expires for CSX Cumberland Sub CPLs

Well it's official, the second half of the CSX CPL/pole-line elimination project on the Cumberland Sub has been completed with the remaining signaling locations between HANCOCK and ORLEANS ROAD going under the knife.  This included the interlocking at GRASSHOPPER HOLLOW and the iconic CPL gantries at AMBROSE.  In fact as this section of the line was originally 3 tracks most of the intermediate signals consisted of 2-track bi-directional B&O CPL signal bridges.  Probably the best surviving concentration of B&O signal bridges that remained anywhere.  Fortunately I was able to thoroughly document these endangered signals last December with over 500 high resolution photos so stay tuned for some upcoming series on the B&O Main Line CPLs.  

Here we see the new pair of Darth Vader masts that replaced both re-existing intermediates at Ambrose and Sir John.  The pole line has already been stripped of wire and will probably get cut down in coming years.

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