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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Now That's More Like It!

While the overall outlook for classic signaling is just this side of dismal, there are a few slight rays of hope.  One of these was recently brought to my attention and consists of CP-EAST COLSON on the NS Fort Wayne Line.  This interlocking which is of the same vintage (1980) as CP-ANTIS which is being replaced in the Altoona area, was recently suffering from a structurally failing classic PRR signal gantry.  The typical NS play in this situation is to replace the gantry with some new cantilever with Darth Vader signals.  Well not this time as NS installed two brand new PRR PL masts with LED lamp units.  Why can't they do this more often!!

Hey, why stop here.  I was reminded of another innovative use of old hardware by NS in the Atlanta area where a three track former Southern RR caltimever mast was re-used to support three pairs of two head Darth Vader automatic signals.  They were even mounted with old school offset heads.  Give another point to NS.

Well since three examples are a charm here we see a location (Pembroke) on the former  N&W main where the old US&S style PL signals on an old bracket mast were recently replaced with brand new Safetran models.  They are so new the mounting screws haven't had time to rust yet!

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