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Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 B&O Main Line Update

Well I finally got my photos from my cross country trip processed and as always the B&O Main Line section was the last to get done.  While the info is a few months old now I still wanted to provide some updates on what has changes along the route since my last trip in 2012.

We begin at GREENE JCT in Connellsville, PA which represented the last island of B&O CPL signaling on the Keystone Sub.  Well it seems that CSX noticed as well as when I passed back in June the new signals were up an were cut over just a month or so later.

At the west end of the interlocking the CPL bracket is being replaced by a two track cantilever and the yard dwarfs are being replaced by a 6 track, 4 signal signal bridge.  Not why why CSX really thought such an extravagance was necessary, but oh well.  Two of the 2 signals allow for Medium Speed movements.

On the east end the single CPL past and remaining dwarfs are being replaced by a 3-signal, 4-track gantry.  All intermediate signals are being removed.  Guess with microprocessor controlled logic there's no need for such logic saving tricks.  The new signals were placed in service a month or two later around August 2013.  I found some evidence that the decaying CPL mast off the branch line was upgraded with a brand new CPL mast before being Darthed.  Heartbreaking. 

The BLUE STONE CPL bracket holdout signal is also being replaced by a new signaling location named CASPARIS visible in the background.  Looks like the last remaining stump of the original B&O pole line will be retained if the new transformer is any indication.

UPDATE: 2014 view of new CASPARIS interlocking.

Not sure what will happen to the old CASPARIS location which is a spring switch at the end of the third siding track.  There appears to be no work going on her so perhaps the siding is going to be shortened to avoid trains needing to sight signals around a curve.

2014 Update:  It Was.

A new interlocking, FORT HILL, has replaced the old SHOO FLY interlocking at the west end of the signal track segment through the Shoo Fly and Pinkerton tunnels.  This extends the length of the single track, but the daylighting project might convert it into a crossover once the second track is put back in. PINKERTON interlocking at the east end was left untouched.

The original B&O Main Line Darth Vader project between Viaduct Junction and Sand Patch is being re-resignaled.  Because the section of track was original CTC/TCS territory CSX didn't bother to replace the logic/relay cabinets.  Well that oversight has since been rectified as seen here at NA Tower.

 In some cases the signals themselves are being replaced as seen here at FO Tower with a pair of former CPL's located on a curve.

The old eastbound CPL bracket is still laying in the weeds at ORLEANS  ROAD.

Of course WB tower has been resignaled along with the MP 77 automatic which had been a newly replaced CPL.

I had been planning to go back to EAST BRUNSWICK for some supplementary shots of the interlocking there, but it looks like I missed my chance.  Once again another brand new solid state CPL interlocking bites the dust.

Of course the bi-directional automatics at HIGH ROCK had been replaced by this two track cantilever.  Oh yeah, those three headed monsters are so much more cheaper than a few extra orbital lamps.

The TUSCARORA crossovers are now in service replacing an automatic signal at the same location.  This is distant to the Point of Rocks complex.

One block to the east the new DICKERSON trailing crossover has also been put in service.  This also replaced a part of darth autos. 

BUCK LODGE interlocking has been Darthed.

As have the autos at SENECA FILL.

The CPL autos at CLOPPER?  That's now new full crossover as well.

CPL autos at WARD...gone, but the CPL exit dwarf from the fairgrounds siding remains!

DERWOOD CPL?  Yup, also gone.  Wonder why the westbound signals need complete CSX Darth Vader masts....  Classic exit siding signals persist!

I stopped bothering with pictures at this point, but rest assured that all the remaining CPLs between here and DC are also gone.

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