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Thursday, October 24, 2013

October News

Well due to some hosting issues with my mirror site all those semaphore photos I posted are now down so I might as well cover up the problem with a new post.  I'll start off with the ongoing re-signaling of the NS line in Kentucky and Tennessee which used Southern style signaling with a searchlight flare.  All going the way of Darth Vader masts of course.

 In a potentially HUGE loss NS is resignaling WORTHINGTON interlocking in Worthington, OH where the former N&W main crossed the PRR main at a very shallow angle.  This resulted in the continued use of A-5 pneumatic point machines for the movable point diamonds (something that requires 2 M3 machines).  Will NS keep the air plant even after dumping the N&O CPLs?  Remains to be seen.

CN is resignaling someone in Ontario, but unlike NS they are actually bothering to keep their early-modern cantilever mast.  This is a frequent practice for CN, having also kept classic signal bridges on the 4-track line west of Toronto.

Finally in a bit of Good news New Jersey Transit recently finished the Pennshawken Transportation Center project which included three new interlockings in the Delair Bridge area including a new interlocking at the old JORDAN block station which was always a non-interlocked junction.  Of course all of these come with the increasingly rare round target type signal.  Here is a picture showing the restored DIVIDE interlocking (formerly remote JERSEY) with 6-unit dwarf stacks awaiting replacement by a 3-track signal bridge. 

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