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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Photo Updates

I made some significant updates to two previous posts today.  The first is the port on the LIRR's VALLEY interlocking tower.  I just performed restoration on a batch of LIRR photos I took in 2003, some of which were used in that post.  Back in 2003 web hosting was still expensive and download speeds slow so the old versions of the photos were over processed and under sized.  I have not only corrected those problems, but also made the entire set available.   The album contains photos from the LIRR when back when all the signals were position light and railfan windows were still plentiful. Also included are vintage NEC signaling pics from before HUDSON tower was closed.

I also added a better photo of Amtrak's new cab signaling display unit to the post on Knowing your Cab Signal Displays.  In addition to that I fixed some of the temporarily non-functional photo links and made a few minor revisions..

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