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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Southern Tier Line Signaling Resource

In my daily sweeps of the railfan photo scene for signaling information and news I rarely come upon others with a real appreciation of signaling.  Sure pictures will have signals in them or photographers will take a few opportunistic shots of signals, but rarely do i find anyone who systematically documents signals along a particular line.

Well today I would like to tip my hat to Bob Beaumont and his coverage of the Southern Tier Line from 2012 to 2013 and its slowly vanishing Erie and Conrail signaling.  Bob had gone out and covered both automatics and interlockings and both the east and west portion of the line from far western NY State to NJT/Metro North territory.

For example here is a rare Erie two track signal bridge shortly before its replacement.

And on the far eastern end of the line here is CP-DEPOSIT, one of the few segments of track on Conrail that used spring switches and single direction absolute signals.

For anyone interested in Southern Tier signaling this gallery is a must.

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