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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some Year End News

I've been building up a stockpile of domestic news items in additional to my recent international coverage.  Surprisingly CSX is not topping the list as instead we turn to the increasing rate of re-signaling on CN/CP.  This time the ax is falling on the CP C&M Sub which currently hosts Amtrak's Hiawatha route and was a haven for new-install searchlight type signals. This photo was taken at Wadsworth.

Here is a CN example on their Minntac Sub which consisted of one of the old Iron lines in the north of that state.  Again this was another supposed searchlight haven due to the backwater status and lack of PTC necessity.  :-(  This photo was taken in Wolf, MN.

Ok, now we can move onto to CSX.  Here the re-signalling effort on the Abbeville Sub have been moving westward through the Athens, GA area reaching the Harper Siding west of town.  Again another senseless project that is replacing a fairly new signaling system installed in the 1980's.  Here is the MP 517 auto laying dead and on the ground.  Luckily I have a friend in the area and forced her to drive me all over to document the classic SAL signals including 517.9.

This isn't really news, but just a view on the Philly Sub of a train taking a color light Medium Approach indication into the Van Bibber siding from the east.  This is another location I was able to document.

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