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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Last Stand at MEXICO

With the demise of the stretch of B&O CPL signaling between GREENS SPRING and PATERSON CREEK, MEXICO and WEST HUMP interlockings in the Cumberland Terminal became the last stand for B&O CPL's along the old B&O Main Line.  Well now's the time to run to the border and get your photos because CSX has finally started the task of re-signaling the signature interlocking of the Cumberland Terminal/Yard.

I would also expect the interlocking to be rationalized with the many internal dwarf signals either being eliminated or the MEXICO plant being split between 2 or more new logical interlockings.  If the re-signaling job at GREENE JCT is an indication it will probably be the former.   Anyway, there is a public bridge from which great photos can be taken so if you live anywhere near western Maryland take a road trip before its too late.  It's not only your last chance to see a classic B&O interlocking, but possibly your last chance to see CPL's period.

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