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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Alright, let's see what's going on in 2016.  On the former NY Central main line the CSX re-signaling effort is reaching towards Buffalo as seen here at Corfu and MP 402.

 Hey, surely aluminum tubular signal bridges have a place in the 21st century.  Hmm, guess not.

 Southern style masts with Safetran clamshells aren't even safe in mast form like these examples on the old N&W main line.  I'm thinking that 2008 PTC law should be called the signal uniformity act.

 Of course NKP re-signaling is nothing new.  This time an intermediate example with H-5 searchlights.

 At least one can't say it all about saving $.  These Soo Line economy heads are also playing second fiddle to Darth Vader masts.

New signals are still creeping up the old C&O Northern Division with this cute cantilever a recent victim, however they are hanging on in a few places.

This Darth Vader cosplayer didn't stand up to scrutiny by CSX's signal team.  Replacement bases are already in place near Jacksonville.

In what I think qualifies as good news, the re-signaling at CP-BETHLEHEM is taking way longer than I had expected so...yay?

Yeah, no real good news this month.  :-(

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