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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bad News In the East

Boy, it's getting hard to remember the last time I had any good news.  This week NS and CSX are taking center state as despite a decline in profits from falling coal sales, neither is putting a hold on signal replacement as one might expect.  I don't know what sort of world I'm living in where railroads have forgotten the art of deferred maintenance :-(

I'll start off with the most devastating news.   It looks like the CSX Chicago Line re-signaling project in New York has finally reached the 4-track raceway in the Buffalo terminal area.  This is pretty much the finest example of NY Central small target searchlight signaling there is and also one of the last.

 Out in Indiana, the Monon Sub, previously notable for losing its historic semaphore signals, is now losing its searchlights.  I always wanted to try and photograph these from Amtrak's Cardinal, but the signals on the daylight portion of eastbound trips had already been resignaled and the remainder saw the train in the hours of darkness.

If you think this scene from Michigan is more irrational disposal of new signal hardware you would only be partly correct.  These are C&O style signals being replaced by Seaboard.  No more economy lower heads without a red lens and no more Y/Y Approach Slow.  Why use 2 signal heads and 5 lamps when you can use 3 heads and 7 lamps!

 The CSX Toledo Sub continues to get hit at an uneven pace.  This B&O CPL gantry is an especially regretable loss.

Last month I reported on NS Marion Branch PRR PL replacement.  Well now I have confirmation that it does not just apply to automatic signals.

NS seems to be under the impression that the former N&W routes through coal country still have a future.  I don't even think these lines would need PTC due to the lack of any cargo other than coal and empty hoppers.  Come on, give the Pokey the Raton Pass treatment.

Chicago Line resignaling is still moving through Ohio.  I'm really going to miss those two lamp G heads.

Well that's pretty much all I can stomach for now.  Hopefully next week I'll have something more inspiring.


  1. When NS replaces the signals in PRR territory, do they change from PRR's speed signaling to the NS standard route signaling?

    1. NS does not have a "standard" signaling system. Signal rules are not changed during re-signaling programs.