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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Commonwealth Signaling Diagrams

Found two interesting websites with some top notch non-North American signaling diagrams.  The first is called SA Track and Signal and features all manner of track and signaling diagrams covering a significant portion of the Australian rail network.  Australia is a government owned model with lines being leased or trackage rights assigned.  This site looks like it caters to crews that need to qualify on unfamiliar lines.  Everything is in full color PDF's that starts at the regional scale and allows one to click down to the individual track and signal diagrams.  Signals are represented in full detail along with signs and other operating information, however these are not interlocking charts and switch numbers along with other signaler oriented information is not provided.

The other site I found hosts UK diagrams from the Glasgow suburban area, but the website itself is not railway related.  That is because it is a public access freedom of information site that put up a number of track and signal diagrams that were requested under a public information request.  These are much like the Australian diagrams with full color representations of the signals, but there is no convenient tree of linked maps.  The low level diagrams are provided on a web page list and you have to sort through them yourself.  These diagrams do include track and turnout speeds. 

Diagrams such as those apparently exist for the entire UK for use as training aids, but are not often made public due to misguided terrorism concerns.  Keep on the lookout because they are widely distributed and do show up from time to time in Google.

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