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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

LENOX Tower Gets Reprieve, PRR Main Line :-\

So I just heard that the State of Illinois did not get a TIGER grant earmarked for the replacement of the LENOX tower complex between Alton and Granite City on the Amtrak Lincoln Corridor.  Without the government funding, UP has no plans to decommission the tower and its GRS Model 2 interlocking machine.  I guess one benefit to corporate greed is that when they feel the state will pony up for capitol improvements, the neglect (aka "historic preservation") sets in.  Let's hope for further austerity measures going forward.

LENOX in 2005
On the other side of the coin it looks like the long rumored re-signaling effort is starting up on the PRR Main Line between Duncannon and Lewistown.  This will be a Rule 562 conversion so we won't be forced to deal with Darth Vader intermediates and the absolute signals will be sporting 'C' boards.

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