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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Additional News Items

I was so pumped with LENOX tower escaping to live another couple years that I forgot to post the rest of the news items that I had accumulated.  Sorry for the lack of hard content lately, just been too busy to get started on my next big project or finish up some of my remaining old ones. 

I first wanted to remind everyone that CSX is in the process of ruining the last great bastion of NY Central signaling in the Buffalo-Depew area, so if you happen to be nearby, please go and check it out before it gone forever.

I wanted to call out NS for replacing 1990's vintage Conrail signaling when Union Pacific is keeping similarly aged Southern Pacific target signals in place and going so far as to re-use the existing relay case as well.

I wanted to confirm that NS has also finally replaced the Southern vintage signals in the Charlottesville, VA area.  While the old signals definitely had more character to them, the replacements will be able to display a R/R/Y Restricting indication in addition to Y/G Approach Diverging.

One case of addition by subtraction is the removal of NS's experiment with wind-up, wind-down ladderless signals.  These two soul-less examples are near the Danville, VA Amtrak station.  Just goes to show that things could be worse.

I'm going to keep the spotlight on NS here, this time on their Southern main line in North Carolina.  If you were just going to double track things anyway, why dd you bother removing the Southern masts just to replace them again?

I also have news on the Reading Line re-signaling project, specifically that it will stretch to at least CP-LAUREL, nixing the Conrail signals there and at CP-BLANDON.

Well I think that clears the docket.  Have a great Labour Day weekend!

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