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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Letting the Air Out

Well I just completed a round trip on the NEC, paying a bit more attention to some of the signaling changes than I normally do and I have the sad duty to report that both DOCK and MIDWAY interlockings have been completely stripped of their pneumatic point machines.  This isn't any surprise as both were in the midst of years long re-signaling efforts, but at least in the case of DOCK it is a severe disappointment as it was a very high density interlocking where Amtrak has been known to preserve pneumatics. 

MIDWAY will be missed because it was a fine example of a pneumatic 4-track complete crossover, with many of the turnouts having two A-5 machines.  This leaves only HOLMES and OVERBROOK as "proper' PRR 4-track air plants. 

DOCK on the other hand needs no introduction as it is a sprawling interlocking covering the Newark Penn Station complex.  As recent as 10 years ago Amtrak had still been installing brand new A-5 point machines during a turnout renewal project.  As with the Jamaica terminal, Penn Station and 30th St, I was hoping that DOCK would win a similar exemption.

At least we had them for longer than other interlockings like MORRIS and LANDLITH, which were seemingly converted overnight.

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