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Thursday, November 24, 2016

More R&N Updates

Thanks to one of my Northeastern Pennsylvania contributors, I have another batch of Reading and Northern signaling updates for everyone. This is probably the only place in North America where classic signaling, such as searchlights, is being installed.

First up,  HAUCKS Interlocking now in service and fully operational.  In addition, one of the signals sports a Reading style, lower head lozenge signal for call-on indications.

Distant Approach  Signals #107S and #108S are now fully operational as well providing crews with advanced HAUCKS indications heading south from both the Hazelton & Nesquehoning Branches.  108S seen below, is located on the Nesquehoning Branch near MP 108 close to the Route 1021 Overpass above Hometown, Pa.

The former 105S distant signal to East Mahanoy Jct  at Bernhard Rd. Grade Crossing has now been removed from service as it has been made redundant by HAUCKS.

New lower signal heads added to the Southbound home signals  at East Mahanoy Jct Interlocking in order to display Restricting indications for the new CTC project.

In preparation for the new Tamaqua Interlocking an entirely new dual staggered head distant signal has been added adjacent to the 99N Mahanoy Jct distant signal at the Tuscarora  Park Road (Route 1015) Grade Crossing which is north of Tamaqua.  99N had originally been installed as a bi-directional mast, but it appears the R&N is going with classic style right hand placement.

According to R&N News, the new Tamaqua Interlocking is planned to be cut into service by early 2017.  Cabling ground work and installation of the physical plant are planned to be completed by the end of 2016.   A new RDG “MYRTLE” plant in South Tamaqua may then follow to create a full 2 mile controlled passing siding.

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