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Sunday, November 27, 2016

See Hamilton!

No, I'm not talking about the hit Broadway musical about the guy on the $10 bill (although you should see that as well), I'm talking about the B&O CPL refuge of Hamilton, OH, north of Cincinnati, what currently sees both CSX and NS traffic.  Recent photographic evidence indicates that it is not under threat of re-signaling.  Surprisingly, Hamilton has managed to resist nearby re-signaling efforts in the Cincinatti area going back nearly 15 years, but it looks like it's time has run out.   If anyone within the sound of my voice is operating in the Hamilton area, please get out and document these CPLs.  They deserve not to be forgotten.

Some new masts are already standing.
The orange cable of death is in evidence at the Wye track where Amtrak's Cardinal diverges 6 times a week, often under cover of darkness.
This modern style CPL Cantileveris already a rare bird, but a 5-orbital CPL is doubly so!

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