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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Akron Signal Island Sinking Fast

The island of B&O CPL signaling in the Akron, OH area is shrinking rapidly as the iconic downtown double-double CPLs have some unwanted interlopers.  I also saw that the interlocking at the west end of the double track south of town also has new signals up and I would suspect that the interlocking complex at Warwick, OH is not far behind.

The former B&O main line route between New Castle, PA and Willard has always been a bit of an odd duck with a distinct lack of investment.  This was a boon to the signaling community as this preserved large swaths of Rule 251, B&O CPLs and even the interlocking tower in Newton Falls, OH.  Unfortunately it appears that this will become as bland as the rest of the B&O Main Line because, if my calculation are correct, this is the last bit of B&O signaling left.

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