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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Canadian Pacific Mystery N-Lamps

For those of you who remember the case of the CP Mystery Searchlights, it seems that Canadian Pacific has been at it again, this time with mystery single unit traffic light style signals similar to US&S N types.  I first spotted these in photos about 2 years ago, at first thinking that they were recycling old US&S N-type signals, but then noticing the much more generic appearance.  Well I finally managed to get up close and personal with a few that were being installed up at CPF-483 in Mohawk, NY and, well, I don't know much more than I already did.

 They share the fully oval shape of the US&S type N, but the flat, rear panel of the GRS style traffic light.  The signals were not clearly labeled or branded so I could not tell who was responsible for their construction.

The faux N-types were being installed in mixed company with more typical Safetran clamshell type modular color light, Darth Vader configured signals.  Although a welcome break from the monotony of the Safetran monopoly, they are horribly generic to the point of not even having a knock off brand name or symbol or whatever.  If anybody can shed some light on this mystery please leave something in the comments.

It makes me thing.  With former CP hatchet man Hunter Harrison now at CSX, I wonder if he'll bring some creative cuts to the signal budget.  Of course he might have been the one to shift CP from their home grown searchlights and plunge them into the arms of Darth :-(


  1. Modern Manufacturing Ltd, formerly known as Custom Steel Manufacturing. They are out of Winnipeg. Their products can be found on their website...

    1. Thank you so much! I've never heard of them!