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Monday, May 8, 2017

Amtrak Signaling Updates

So I just got two pieces of Amtrak related signaling news.  The first is an update on my previous NY Capitol Area signaling report where I said that it did not appear that Amtrak was ready to re-signal the portion of the Hudson Line between CP-156 and CP-159 based on some long distance observations of CP-159.  Well it turns out the new signals were located out of my line of sight because both NYC/Conrail vintage interlockings were replaced in April.

Also removed would be the NY Central two track intermediate signal bridge between CP-156 and CP-159.  Fortunately I was able to fully document that location a number of years ago.

I also got word that a reconstruction effort has commenced at PAOLI interlocking on the former PRR Main Line to replace the two side-wall platforms with a single island platform.  As such the two through tracks have been cut and both the 14L and 18L signals removed along with their associated turnouts. This is a huge blow to the character of the station and also eliminated the notable "high dwarf" signal mounted on the road bridge gantry adjacent to the two westbound high signals.


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