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Sunday, August 30, 2020

MBTA Installing New Searchlights in Lowell

I know this is the third MBTA post in a row, but I was preparing for a trip there, which led to some discoveries, and then actually went on a trip there, which lead to further discoveries.  In this instance the news is wholly positive as when I was taking a little walk around CPF-BY south of the Lowell MBTA station I noticed that MBTA signal crews were in the process of installing new replacement GRS SA searchlight signals.

Here on this dwarf signal you can see the brand new mounting hardware, base and signal cable.  However I know this is rather weak evidence of the "newness" of searchlights, but I actually showed up when the signal crews were part way done installing the refurbished searchlight dwarfs.

Hey, break time is break time, even if you're only half way through your work task.  They literally dropped what they were doing leaving the searchlight signal housing wide open.  If you look at the full resolution you can see a 1980's style GRS identification plate.

Anyway, I hope to get back to the Lowell area soon.  Lots of interesting signaling there that appears ready to stick it out in the long term.

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