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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RIP ALTO: 1915 - 2012

Not sure what else needs to be said.  As expected the Railroaders museum will get a chance to preserve it, but is will not be in situ so the elderly wooden tower will need to survive a move across the street.  Let's hope it makes it like BOWIE tower instead of MO Tower (in Cresson, PA), which fell apart when the crews began to move it.  The new interlocking has been named CP-ALTOONA and combines the function of both CP-SLOPE and ALTO.  CP-WORKS, CP-HOMER and CP-ANTIS have all been re-signaled and CP-ROSE has been removed.  Where will NS strike next?  Who knows.

ALTO Tower 1952.

ALTO Tower 2012.

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