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Monday, June 24, 2013

Signaling Marches On

I have a few more signaling updates to go over.  First up the N&W colorized position lights at Marion, OH have finally been replaced by the generic Darth Vader cantilevers hovering over them.

As is typical there was no improvement of actual rail operations as the new signals still cannot display a restricting indication under NS-N&W signal rules.

Next up is the sprawling Chicago, Burlington and Quincy  complex at Galesburg, IL.  I was lucky enough to have passed through there last year on the California Zephyr and got a full set of pics.  Was hoping to get another round of photos this year, but it was not to be as the new signals were just recently cut over.

 On the former Grand Trunk line in Michigan, Canadian National is starting to go after even their modern type searchlight installations with LED Darth Vaders...again with no Restricting capability.

 Finally the last 2 B&O color position light locations were expunged from the Metropolitan Sub.  These included the intermediate signals at High Rock and the EAST BRUNSWICK interlocking.  Both were fully modern installs from the 1990's and were nowhere near the ends of their useful lives, but CSX got some government $$ to upgrade the line for MARC service so why not spend spend spend.  I did manage to fully document the autos at High Rock, but I only bagged half the plant at EAST BRUNSWICK with a followup trip planned for this summer.  Looks like I'll have some additional free time :-(  You can see the photos I did manage to take here.

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