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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hey, Jersey Mike (aka Sturmovik Dragon) here and I wanted to create this first port explaining the purpose of this new Blog.  This is designed as an extension to my existing railroad photo blog over on Live Journal.  I have been posting on LJ for about 5 years now and what was originally intended as a personal blog designed to share all those Web 1.5 personal tidbits morphed into my primary venue for sharing my railroad related photo essays. 

I have never been pleased with LJ as an outlet for this creative content as, frankly, LJ, tends not to be viewed as very authoritative or serious so I am using this new forum as a way to help increase my legitimacy and visibility.  This will not be a blind mirror of what is located on my old LJ account.  Although there will be a great deal of cross posting I will also be posting new content that is more specifically signaling related.  Some will be brief news, others will be long format technical essays first posted on a British signaling forum.  I also intend to go back into my archives and post update essays of both classic photo sets that I never placed online and my older photo essays that didn't really have a lot of meat to them.

Anyway if you are reading this that means you either are heading through the archives or following a link from one of my other blogs or forums. While I may in time change this into my sole outlet for my photo essays, I think the LJ site will continue to serve as the primary home to my general interest essays with re-posting here. 

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