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Friday, May 28, 2021

10 Years of The Position Light - A Milepost

Not sure anybody noticed, but May 28th marks a decade since I started this blog as a place to archive long form signaling related content I had previously published on old school web forums with limited visibility. Due to an odd coincidence at the beginning, I have accidentally committed myself to and then maintained a 49 post per year schedule with signaling news, history and general overviews of some of the more obscure topics such as interlocking horns. Over the past decade there was been way more bad news than good and I can't say that things stand to improve in that regard, but it has still been my privilege to mark the passage of so many pieces of both railroad and technological history. If one was to ask what I was most proud of it would likely be the comprehensive surveys of PRR Main Line and Port Road signaling along with the documentation of the late great METRA interlocking tower interiors.

I'm sure a lot of people out there would use this sort of milestone to pivot to some completely new/different project like elevators or some sort of history of history of the Bell System, however as tempting as they are I still have a whole bunch of unfinished projects lined up for The Position Light and I hope you all will still around for them.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • A B&O Main Line signaling survey between Washington DC and Pittsburgh, PA that features most of the now removed CPLs

  • Finishing up the remaining PRR Main Line interlocking towers that I have interior photos for including ZOO, PARK, CORK, STATE and AR.

  • Additional LIRR and METRA towers that I still have unreleased photos for.

These are just the marquee items as I will still keep pumping out the content, rain or shine, good news or bad, 49 posts per year.  Thanks for reading.  Check out my Youtube Channel where I do signaling related live-streams on a somewhat bi-weekly basis.  Also remember to like, subscribe and don't forget to hit that bell notification. 😏

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