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Friday, May 24, 2024

PU Tower Restoration Update

Former Central RR of New Jersey PU (Phillipsburg Union) tower in Phillipsburg, NJ recently held an open house to shot off the state of the tower's restoration effort. It is affiliated with the NJ Transportation Heritage Museum that, amoung other artifacts, has an operable triple expansion steam pump. I had last visited the tower in 2017 where it was clear that a lot of work had already been carried out, however the Model 14 interlocking machine was a long way from being restored due to massive stripping as you can see below.

I found some photos from the event and starting on the operator's level the Model 14 has recovered a significant amount of levers. We can also see wires indicating plans to reactivate some functionality.

The operator's desk now hosts all sorts of artifacts.

The lower level features a full suite of air compressors and the power board.

 There is also some documentation discussing how the tower was closed and reopened several times by the CNJ as is desperately tried to abandon its operations in PA. I definitely need to get up there again, but I might want to pace myself and wait until more of the Model 14 is functional, just to avoid having to make extra trips. 

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  1. I couldn't find how else to leave a message for you. I enjoy your blog, especially the depth of detail you write about all systems, new and old. I especially like your info on the remaining older style signals. Therefore, perhaps you would like to make a summer field trip north: I live in Roanoke VA and just saw new Darth Vader style signals on the ground in Troutville. That means the end of the CPLs on the Shenandoah line is coming, at least at that CP. I did not see any at Lithia, which is the easiest to photograph for now. Thanks! John