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Saturday, July 9, 2022

NYCTA CBTC Plan to Prioritize Closing Main Line IND Towers

 I just wanted to share a little info graphic put out by the NYC Transit Authority about its upcoming re-signaling plans.  In summary, due to ridership decreases due to COVID, the TA is no longer going to focus on CBTC as a capacity expansion tool, but as a cost reduction tool and will therefore be targeting its remaining un-resignaled lines on the IND, specifically the 8th Ave (A)(C)(E), 6th Ave (F), Fulton and Crosstown (G). These segments have pretty much all of the remaining single interlocking towers with either GRS Model 5 or US&S Model 14 interlocking machines.

Now, my tower list is from 2019 and I haven't been closely tracking NYCTA tower closures, but at risk interlocking machines include Model 5's at 30TH ST, 42ND ST NORTH and 42ND ST SOUTH on the 8th Ave Line, UTICA AVE, BROADWAY JCT, LAFAYETTE AVE and HOYT on the Fulton Line, YORK ST on the Houston Essex Line and NASSAU AVE on the Crosstown Line, as well as Model 14 machines at JAY ST on the Prospect Park Line and BEDFORD-NOSTRAND on the Crosstown line. Likely also affected would be the NYCTA's first GRS NX machine at EUCLID ave, but likely not affected are yard towers or the COURT ST transit museum tower. The Model 14 at PARSONS on the (F) is of currently unknown status as that section is currently undergoing re-signaling right now.

If you are looking to get a glimpse of some living NYCTA interlocking machines, the Model 5's on he Fulton Line are visible from the ends of the platform with UTICA AVE and LAFAYETTE AVE on the outbound platform and BROADWAY JCT on the inbound platform. 

I am currently planning an NYC trip for Mid-October and will attempt to check in on these locations.

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